Monday, September 1, 2008

One IP address with two different locations?

IP Addresses:
In order for systems to locate each other in a distributed environment, nodes are given explicit addresses that uniquely identify the particular network the system is on and uniquely identify the system to that particular network. When these two identifiers are combined, the result is a globally-unique address.

This afternoon, I've visited Tagum City, checked my email and likewise my blog account. My blog is embeded with an IP locator where viewers of my homepage will identify their location. Geovisite identified my IP as located somewhere in Tagum. Geovisite is a site that traces IP address and location of the user. Since I was in Tagum that day, im pretty sure that my IP location will be in Tagum too but I was confused because the location of my IP was in Baguio City. I don't know why the IP location was change from Tagum to Baguio. Again, I Google IP tracer and I found different sites for IP's. I've chose this site to trace the IP and this was the result.

The result of the above image was the IP address and location, located in Cebu where I traced using the above URL. Huhh! So confusing, (makalilibog). lolz. I opened another account to trace again that IP address using another site. I used my Statcounter similar to Geovisite. Statcounter will do the same as what Geovisite does, it can trace IP, location and link referrals. In addition to that it can identify what OS and browser you are using. Here is the result of the IP, located in Benguet somewhere or near Baguio City.
Please click to enlarge image.
Note: I did not edit the IP address. Does anyone can explain why the IP adress change to different locations? If this is so, some sites are not reliable for tracing an IP add. It could be a dummy or trick.


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