Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Foot Of The Day!

Trip lang, wlay mabuhat og wlay mahuna-hunaan. hehehe. This was the foot of my friend during our trip to Hong Kong. Won't you believed? hehehe. That's true. Even he's wearing slippers going to HK but he looked like what he was there. Confused? To give you an idea who he was on this pic, I will give you a hint. He looks like the famous actor in Hollywood. The toughest guy in Asia and the most prominent person in the Philippines. Who he was? Hmmm. He was the Shrek in our group tour. That's not a joke but he loves to be called a Shrek. I don't have an idea where and how he is now. If you find or see a foot like this, feel free to contact me with this email.


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