Monday, September 15, 2008

DELL on Windows Vista

I had a hard time of eliminating the problems of this laptop since im just starting out to windows Vista. Dell has its own way on how to troubleshoot and configure the system. This was my first time to tap Dell and the Vista system. Honestly, I found it so hard. I formatted and reinstalled the system twice. My first installation ran smoothly and some programs were working properly except to the DVD player. I can hardly solved the problem on DVD. I installed all the drivers and utilities but the problem was still the same. I remembered what my cousin told me about Dell that inculcated me from her ideas about it. She said, Dell sucks!! I almost to quit the problem. As I said to myself, "there's no harm in trying". So I tried for the second time around until I resolved the problem. What I did, read the manual and followed the instructions. All programs were well configured likewise the internet connection and partitions of two drives. I like this laptop of my sister but I have a strong distaste of Windows Vista for now. Vista Sucks!!


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