Monday, September 7, 2020

Clearing The Bios and Cleaning the CPU Fan of my Old Laptop

Recently, I am disk partitioning my laptop from the disk management through the third party software EASEUS. I tried to move the files from one drive to another drive partition, the computer found errors and stopped working from the time I restarted the computer. What? Are you kidding me. I tried to figure it out to solve the issue. I made 2 attempts to solve the issue but failed until  I decided to open the laptop. I found it so dusty especially the fan yet the issue was not about the dust inside. I reconnected every cable as well including the hard drive, fan and the so-dimm memory. I found the CMOS battery, reset it and rebooted the system. When the system worked fine, I reassembled everything. Another problem appeared when I turned the Windows on. No internet, I accessed the command prompt, I pinged the address. I released and renewed the IP and flushed the DNS as well but nothing worked.  I went back, then reinstalled and updated the network drivers but still no connection. I cleared the cache, deleted the browsing history and it worked. Now my laptop CPU fan is cleaned and worked perfectly. Also, I checked and disabled the updates for this Windows OS 3 years ago. My 9 years old mate still works fine until now. I am planning to assemble a rig (only if I have extra money) with virtualization and install a VLAN for penetration testing lab. Happy me!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Inside Linux Ubuntu 20.04

This morning I decided to change the old operating system of my Sony Vaio Windows 7 into Linux Ubuntu. I have been a Windows user since windows 95 was born 25 years ago. Until now I still have my other old Windows 7 Home which I still used. I have no trouble with this system because I can fix it if there is an issue. Well, back to my latest Ubuntu. I love this distros because I can learn the new way on how to use the CLI (Command Line Interface). Also, it has a 3 years LTS (Long Time Support) and 5 years for Ubuntu Server. 

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