Monday, September 7, 2020

Clearing The Bios and Cleaning the Fan of my Old Laptop

Recently, I am disk partitioning my laptop from the disk management through the third party software EASEUS. Due to moving of files from one drive to another, the computer found errors and stop working from the time I restarted the computer. What? Are you kidding me. I tried to figure it out to solve the issue. I made 2 attempts to solve the issue but failed until  I decided to open the laptop. I found it so dusty especially the fan yet the issue was not about the dust inside. I reconnect every cable as well as the hard drive, fan and so-dimm memory. I found the CMOS battery, reset it and rebooted the system. When the system worked fine, I reassembled everything. Another problem occur when I was inside the Windows. No internet, I went to command prompt, I ping the address. I released and renewed the IP and flushed as well but nothing is working.  I went back, then reinstalled and updated the network drivers but still no connection. I cleared the cache, deleted the browsing history and it worked. Happy me!


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