Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rendering Using Lens Flare

This is just a sample creation using Photoshop CS. Im not quite good of this stuff but im learning thru other's shared knowledge online. Sorry, I don't have a software/hardware for you to demo of what I made. I'll just write and its up to you to follow if you have patience. First, you have to open and set your desired width and length. 800x600 was the size I chose. The background was set to black. Then, I add a new layer which was also black. I added again a layer for the orange ball. I picked a tool which was the "ellipse tool" and form it into circle. Next, right click the "orange" layer and select blending option. Then find the layer style for the "gradient overlay" for you to select the position and desire angle. In the "gradient overlay", choose the "radial" and set it to 90 degrees. Its for you to choose your desired angle.
The second one is how to make the "Nagpractice pa intawon", english meaning "im still practicing". lolz. Well, click the "Horizontal type tool" and type your name or whatever you like to type. Then, set what color you like or by following the image, set the color to white since the background was black. To change the color simply click the "foreground color" and choose the color you like. Next, add another layer and click the "elliptical marquee tool" and put it over at the font you type. Then fill the ellipse with the color black by picking the "paint bucket tool" and set the "opacity" to 50 percent. Next, right click the name like "Nagpractice pa intawon" and duplicate the layer. If you made it, go to "Edit" at the right uppermost and find the "transform path" and click the "flip canvass vertical" and pull down the font by dragging it downward. Next, right click the "duplicate layer" Nagpractice pa intawon" and go to "gradient overlay" and change the inverted font by putting the marker/cursor above the font. Try to drag it downward or upward and you'll see the difference. Next is how to have a "lens flare". Go to "Filter" at the right uppermost, "Render" then "Lens Flare". Try to explore by experimenting the lens flare. Huhh!! Confused! Me too. lolz. I hope you've learned some from me. :-)


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