Saturday, September 6, 2008

My First Time In SF, Cal., USA

I felt so happy that day when I landed the over looking place background of Golden Gate Bridge in SF, Cal.. My day was brilliant and full of joy and excitement. I can't figure it out the feelings I had on that day. I missed everyone and I wanted them to be with me on that wonderful place. I saw nothing except myself and my photographer. The place was so cool likewise the ambiance. Im so excited then and I want to leap eagerly to travel to Orlando, FL to visit my sister and her hubby, likewise my relatives in Vegas. Huhh! After seconds of reminiscing, my mind got interrupted. I was aroused from daze of that damn dog of ours. Sheyyt! I was just dreaming. I thought I was there. What I did after, I rubbed my eyes and looked on the four corners. I saw nothing sparkling spots of bridge except the life size poster of Brad Pitt este Angelina Jolie. Bwahahaha Bruha! (witch!)
Because of that dreamt I had, I was able to enhanced the portrait of myself and the Golden Gate Bridge. I put them together to become tangible to the eyes of the beholder. hehehe. What a dream!


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