Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Ultimate Speed Challenge

This was happened on September 26, 2008. Thanks God its Friday! We're roaming around the mall at 5 in the afternoon and eyeing everywhere with the tempting goods inside. Im not planning to buy anything for myself then suddenly it happens to pop-up in my mind about the helmet. Sad to say, my helmet was stolen two weeks had passed. I bought again a new one with the same brand. Im so glad because the helmet I bought was perfectly the same of the stolen one. For the moment, the sales representative explained to me about the promotion they have. The Black and Decker, Ultimate Speed Challenge. If you have purchase a product worth PhP 500 at the Handy Man, you will be playing their game. The fastest person being recorded on that day had a best time of 36.97 seconds driving the eight (8) screws using Black and Decker tool. Its my turn, warming up my hands and my mind on how to drive the tool and screws. As I started nailing the first screw I felt it so easy and confident. I nailed all the eight screws at 35.15 seconds and beat the record holder on that day. I felt so happy because Im the new record holder for the week. I've had won PhP 1,000 of gift certificate from Robinson.
The manager told me that I am qualified for the next game. The final challenge will be on October 11, 2008. How I wish I could join the contest and win bigger prizes of GC. I informed them that I'll be flying for Davao tomorrow and I can't join the final challenge. In spite of everyhing, Im very thankful because I have a new helmet plus a gift certificate of PhP 1,000.


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