Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why Sheila baptized the name Duraday?

The person named Sheila was my officemate, she was the sales representative of Panasonic product selling from small to big items like video player to refrigerator. She looks gorgeous with the dress she wear and everytime she gets in to the office, some other officemates can’t keep their eyes on her, staring monstrously. It’s just like they want to eat the Sheila. hehehe. Well, guys you know what I mean.
One day, a walk-in customer got in to the store and purchased a Panasonic digicam, Sheila was the sales representative of that item and she was in charge of demoing the item to the customer. Since Sheila was newly hired, she didn’t know well about the product. Meanwhile, I offered a hand to Sheila to demo the digicam to the customer. As I started explaining to the customer about the digicam, Sheila kept on listening and acquired more information from me on what I had discussed while myself was pretending to be busy. Sheila didn’t notice that I started capturing few clips from her. She didn’t realize that I am filming her, she thought only of having taking pictures where she posed candidly. Days had past, I uploaded the video from the digicam, Sheila got astonished when she saw her face on Youtube. She couldn’t believed why she was there and how she got there. She giggled so much and thought of becoming a Youtube Star until she went over the clips that I made and scented that her name was changed from Sheila to Duraday. Until such time, all of us in the office called her Duraday that made her faint-hearted.
The newly baptized name Duraday is keeping her attitute lovely and maintining her gorgeous posture of becoming a star and socialite where a lot of guys dreaming to marry her someday.


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