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The members of the band met in the halls of residence at the University College London in September 1996.

Martin and Buckland were the first members of the band, having met one another during freshers' week. They spent the rest of the year planning a band; at one point Martin had considered forming an *NSYNC inspired boy band called Pectoralz.

Eventually, Berryman joined the ranks, without consideration of what musical direction the band was taking. On 8 January 1998, the band's line-up was complete when Champion joined the band to take up percussion duties. The multi-talented Champion had grown up playing piano, guitar, bass, and tin whistle; he quickly learned the drums, despite having no previous experience with that instrument. At the time, the band performed under the name Starfish.

Eventually, they took the name Coldplay from a mutual friend, Tim, who had his own band. According to Martin, "He (Tim) decided he didn't like the name anymore because it was too depressing." In 1998, Coldplay was performing small club gigs for local Camden promoters.

Wanting more creative freedom, Martin recruited fellow student and childhood friend Phil Harvey to act as band manager. Harvey helped the band raise money needed to record a demo. Harvey managed the band up until and including the release of their debut album Parachutes.

I've heard and saw once in the movie, Coldplay was mentioned but sorry to inform you guys, I forgot the title and the person who said that, but I guess that genre was a comedy. The actor of that movie said "You like Coldplay then you're a gay" . lol. I dont have an idea why they plugged Coldplay, is it because they want to drag down or promote them? Coldplay is one of the best band I like. Hey! im not a gay. Charing!! pag xure oi !!


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