Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Most bloggers are Filipina

Hi everyone, I have observed some of the bloggers around the world were Filipina. As I travelled the speed of light in a wild and witnessed the links and sites I visited, some Filipina were married from different races like Americans, Dutches, and some are to Asians. I hope as they migrate to different places they won't be experiencing culture shock. lol. Wow! Filipina are really nice bloggers. I know some Filipina are caring, thoughtful, hospitable and all the positive aspects as you see and discover who really true Filipina are, can be found only here in the Philippines. Well, some pinay are lucky and some are not. Some got divorced and some continued their happy married lives to unlike cultures.

How I wish I can marry to "not like ours". lols. If given a chance, I want to marry a unique personality. Not an Americans, Dutches or whatsoever. I want to marry an Antarticanian because I found it so unique. Maybe in a cold regions of the southern hemisphere, A Penguin. lol


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