Sunday, July 13, 2008

His 27.6 kbps broadband connection is faster than the speed of whisper

My watch alarmed me to fix myself and ready to go for my client’s another PC problem. I drove 35 miles from where I stayed just to go there and meet the guy for his concern. As I arrived, he offered me a coffee drink and talked for a while where we discussed a lot of his concerns regarding PC and internet connection. After we’ve talked, I started fixing his computer and installing all the programs that he has. After I finished installing all the programs, I configured the internet connection and got connected, I started downloading software from the website where it took 3 hours for me to finish one application not because of the traffic but the creeping speed of the internet connection. Such a waste of time for me to stay there waiting to finish the download. PLDT myDSL helped me to check the internet connection of my client. The bandwidth test result of my client’s connection was only 27.6 kbps and it can download 3.45 kbps where he subcribed a connection speed of 128kbps. Huh! How was this happened? What causes the given bandwidth from the provider, why it couldn’t meet the subscriber’s ideal speed of 128 kbps? For him, a broadband of 128 kbps is enough because his purpose is to check e-mail and browse interesting sites. For me having a 128 kbps is enough but the speed of dial-up is a damn thing agreed by the internet provider where you subcribe a broadband connection. It would be great for my client if the provider give the best connection of 128 kbps rather than dial-up or greater than ISDN.


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