Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Tired of exchanging links and reading latest blogs? Here is the newest game for you all bloggers around the world. Stay a bit of this "Name The Differences" game. This game is all about computer and its peripherals. If you are a computer blogger, im sure you can list down all the diffences of the above picture. There are eleven (11) things which do not belong to computer technology, peripherals and computer tools, (note: please exclude the floor mat. hehehe). Please list down all of these eleven things you see on the above picture and the answers will be place in your comment below for your hearty answers :-). This is just for fun. I know some of you here have eyes' strain. Well, its time to boggle your mind a moment. Let's start the game. No time limit of one (1) minute. hehehe ex. 1. comb
2. ? to 11 ?


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