Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Favorite Icon

This is a tiny icon that I made. I want to put and add this icon on my blogspot URL but I don't know where to put and add any code on blogspot "edit html". This icon is called a "favicon". Favicon can be seen before the URL as a little picture or logo of your blog or website. Anyone knows how to put this favicon? I think no one knows where and how to put this favicon on blogspot URL. hehehe. Well, if you know how to crawl it, teach me how. :) I haven't seen where to place it on at "edit html". Even If I put this image to a hosting site still it won't work because the ".ico" extension is not supported. (Hahay! kapoy oi.) Im tired of this stuff. But anyway, I will let you know If someone will share his idea of putting this stuff. If I can make this, I will show you how.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Sony Vegas Studio 9 and uLead Studio 8

Sony Vegas Studio 9 is the video editing software that I want to learn and explore it more. This software is quite complicated. As what I've said I need more time to learn this. I found this software very interesting. There are lots of plug-ins and usage especially the media effects. Im sure you like to buy this If you want to compile and record the events of your life.

Actually I don't have an idea with these stuffs until one day a friend of mine asked a help from me about video editing. What I did, I went to my other friends and bought a software from him. Although, ulead 8 is an old version software. This was my first movie editing software. I learned a little about it and found it interesting. You can visit some of my videos on Youtube. Some were made using MovieMaker and most were from uLead Studio 8. Click these some of my vids, skaterboy, Celine Dion and Bee Gees and more. If you know a liitle about photoshop I would surely say that uLead would be easy for you to learn as long as you have patience and determination. To indulge you more, If you know how to explore the user friendly XP, uLead is a perfect match for you to learn and explore too.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Binary Digit - 0 and 1

Bit -- abbreviation for binary digit, the smallest unit of information in a computer. A bit is represented by the numbers 1 and 0, which correspond to the states on and off, true and false, or yes and no.
Bits are the building blocks for all information processing that goes on in digital electronics and computers. Bits actually represent the state of a transistor in the logic circuits of a computer. The number 1 (meaning on, yes, or true) is used to represent a transistor with current flowing through it—essentially a closed switch. The number 0 (meaning off, no, or false) is used to represent a transistor with no current flowing through it—an open switch. All computer information processing can be understood in terms of vast arrays of transistors (3.1 million transistors on the Pentium chip) switching on and off, depending on the bit value they have been assigned.
Bits are usually combined into larger units called bytes. A byte is composed of eight bits. The values that a byte can take on range between 00000000 (0 in decimal notation) and 11111111 (255 in decimal notation). This means that a byte can represent 28 (2 raised to the eighth power) or 256 possible states (0-255). Bytes are combined into groups of 1 to 8 bytes called words. The size of the words used by a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) depends on the bit-processing ability of the CPU. A 32-bit processor, for example, can use words that are up to four bytes long (32 bits).

Computer virus

a self-duplicating computer program that spreads from computer to computer, interfering with data and software. Just as biological viruses infect people, spreading from person to person, computer viruses infect personal computers (PCs) and servers, the computers that control access to a network of computers. Some viruses are mere annoyances, but others can do serious damage. Viruses can delete or change files, steal important information, load and run unwanted applications, send documents via electronic mail (e-mail), or even cripple a machine’s operating system (OS), the basic software that runs the computer.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hyper Text Markup Language

In computer science, the standard text-formatting language since 1989 for documents on the interconnected computing network known as the World Wide Web. HTML documents are text files that contain two parts: content that is meant to be rendered on a computer screen; and markup or tags, encoded information that directs the text format on the screen and is generally hidden from the user. HTML is a subset of a broader language called Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), which is a system for encoding and formatting documents, whether for output to a computer screen or to paper.
I know a little about HTML. I learned this from the company where I worked before as an OJT. Those were the basic knowledge which they taught me of creating a simple website. I love to explore and study about programming languages that time, the reason why for not pursuing it because I dont have my own PC until now. It would be great if someone would like to help me to continue my studies about programming. Anyone would like to sponsor? PHP, .net, C#, SQL, Perl, etc..Huhh! I wish to know and learn these stuffs.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Android - First Cellphone Powered by Google

If you have a Nokia, Motorola, Samsung or Sony Ericsson cellphone, you've likely gazed upon the work of The Astonishing Tribe (TAT). The Swedish technology and design firm has spent the past six years beautifying user software on millions of cellphones.
TAT is in the spotlight again as Google's design partner on the G1, the first cellphone powered by Google's new mobile platform, Android. Forbes.com asked Per Gustafsson, a TAT co-founder and designer, and Daniel Johansson, one of TAT's lead designers for the G1, about the firm's influences and collaborating with Google.
This is really amazing. I wish could use and have this newest cellphone ever by Google in the near future. Im sure this is more prettier and convenient compare to other branded and expensive cellphones.

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