Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Favorite Icon

This is a tiny icon that I made. I want to put and add this icon on my blogspot URL but I don't know where to put and add any code on blogspot "edit html". This icon is called a "favicon". Favicon can be seen before the URL as a little picture or logo of your blog or website. Anyone knows how to put this favicon? I think no one knows where and how to put this favicon on blogspot URL. hehehe. Well, if you know how to crawl it, teach me how. :) I haven't seen where to place it on at "edit html". Even If I put this image to a hosting site still it won't work because the ".ico" extension is not supported. (Hahay! kapoy oi.) Im tired of this stuff. But anyway, I will let you know If someone will share his idea of putting this stuff. If I can make this, I will show you how.

<<---this div="" is="" it="">


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