Friday, November 14, 2008

Sony Vegas Studio 9 and uLead Studio 8

Sony Vegas Studio 9 is the video editing software that I want to learn and explore it more. This software is quite complicated. As what I've said I need more time to learn this. I found this software very interesting. There are lots of plug-ins and usage especially the media effects. Im sure you like to buy this If you want to compile and record the events of your life.

Actually I don't have an idea with these stuffs until one day a friend of mine asked a help from me about video editing. What I did, I went to my other friends and bought a software from him. Although, ulead 8 is an old version software. This was my first movie editing software. I learned a little about it and found it interesting. You can visit some of my videos on Youtube. Some were made using MovieMaker and most were from uLead Studio 8. Click these some of my vids, skaterboy, Celine Dion and Bee Gees and more. If you know a liitle about photoshop I would surely say that uLead would be easy for you to learn as long as you have patience and determination. To indulge you more, If you know how to explore the user friendly XP, uLead is a perfect match for you to learn and explore too.


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