Sunday, August 31, 2008

Apple iPhone 3G will last only for 3 more hours

The latest incarnation of Apple’s mobile device, the iPhone 3G, lasts for only half a day (or just a few hours if you’re a heavy user) on a fully charged battery. And since it does not have an accessible battery compartment, you won’t be able to replace the drained battery with a new one, either.
Moreover, for such an expensive device, the 16GB prepaid kit costs P43,799 while the 8GB, P37,599, it does not have a “business card” feature or even a text-forwarding function, important items for text-savvy Filipinos.
Nahh! What The Fact!! iPhone 3G is in my wishlist. By this month Im planning to buy a new one to preplace my old one. But Im a heavy user and I don't want to get it drain so fast. Ahh, I'll get the battery of my uncle's car and Im sure it will take days before it will get drain. Huhh! That's too heavy and bulky. I don't have a pack bag for that. Ah ok, I'll find some later. lolz.


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