Friday, August 8, 2008

Road and Web Traffic?

Manila, Philippines is one of the most congested place to travel in terms of traffic. Commuters are everywhere, jeepneys, private vehicles and motorcycles including vendors are on the streets that cause traffic. Mostly jeepney and bus drivers are the kings of the road. They were called kings of the road because of the boundaries they want to meet as their bread and butter for their families. Sweat and blood while driving are sometimes the stake of the drivers' lives. That's life! You have to work inorder to live. The road traffic.
Meanwhile, millions of people nowadays depend on computers. A house without a computer is not a home. Just like an early days, you are not IN if you don't have a television in your home. Computer - it is a what we called the technology of a new period of time. An electronic device that stores, processes, and outputs data at high speeds according to what is instructed by the users. Unlike drivers on the road, the bloggers will just wait or sleep and earn money. It depends on the web traffic. The greater the traffic the bigger the money can get. hmmmp!! not me, Im not a certified blogger. Blogging for me is just for fun. Have a healthy traffic, bloggers!!!


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