Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Have you traveled the beautiful spots of our country?

Im talking and reffering to our own country Philippines. I know some of you here have not yet visited the neighboring tourist attractions like Chocolate Hills and Banaue Rice Terrace; white, sandy and powdery beaches like Boracay and Talomo (joke); bridges like San Juanico and Bangkerohan; famous churhes of Quiapo and Cebu. There are plenty of beautiful places to travel to our country. Why most of us are willing to stay and migrate to different places abroad?
Not me, I have not yet travelled around the world or moved out to New York except to one place, Hongkong. I visited that place for free and did not spent even a single centavo from my pocket. Sounds ironic? watch the picture above. Well, to be honest I have a power to travel the most famous and beautiful places around the world and much to take with me a picture of the most famous hollywood stars without spending money at all cost.
How will I do it? That is my power to learn to bring into play the magic of Photoshop. hehehe. I am not an expert though. Im just a novice and willing to learn more. By the way, highway!! for those who can afford to travel around the world, please take me with you. Im begging you. I will do anything for you and serve you as my master and play myself as a slave. hehehe. Come and visit Philippines.


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