Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kaspersky Anti-virus 2009

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 is a totally new approach to data security. The main feature of the application is restricting the programs' rights to access the system resources. It helps prevent unwanted actions by suspicious and hazardous programs. The application's capabilities in the protection of user's confidential data have been considerably enhanced. The application now includes wizards and tools which substantially facilitate execution of specific computer protection task.

I have been using Kaspersky when my friend introduced me the crack version. It helps me a lot against malware, malicious scripts and viruses to my computer system. The crack version of Kaspersky was just like an epidemic because everybody who owns a PC has a crack version too. Sad to say, the crack version has been blocked by Kaspersky Lab and several days had passed my PC got infected by viruses. The hard drive was formatted.
One day, I presented and downloaded the 30 days trial version of Kaspersky. Formatted programs had been set up and ready to use. Anti-virus had been installed to block all the threats but we've notice after installing the anti-virus, there were times that the system got halted and frozen. Old version of programs will be notified and every program needs to be updated. Thanks to it but it gives another journey to work out to update the old one. If I were you, you have to update all your programs because Kasperky will warn you the detected vulnerabilities found in your PC and its criticality is very dangerous.
Even we've notice there were times the sytem got frozen after installation, I still recommend and suggest the user to buy this product because as far as I have observe, anti-virus is really compact to the system. I will blog this product again the soonest after installation and the observation I spotted.
I hope the new product we bought is like a genuine oil that helps the machine to run smoothly and won't freeze again.


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