Friday, October 31, 2008


All Saints’ Day, festival celebrated on November 1 in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, and by the Orthodox churches on the first Sunday after Pentecost, in honor of God and all his saints, known and unknown. It became established as a church festival early in the 7th century when the Pantheon in Rome was consecrated as the Church of the Blessed Virgin and All Martyrs. Pope Gregory IV gave the custom official authorization in 835. November 1 may have been chosen because it was the day of one of the four great festivals of the pagan nations of the north, and it was church policy to supplant pagan with Christian observance.
Tomorrow, Davao City is one of the busiest places to visit because of the annual celebration of All Saints' Day. I would say that All Saints' Day is an exciting but a crowded day to roam around because all people will see and bump each other in one big place, the crowded cemetery.

Hide and Seek

When we were young, our playmates and friends in our community, group ourselves together. We frequently played hide and seek in the evening. One of our friends was the seeker at that time and all of us were hiding everywhere. Suddenly, the seeker that was my friend terribly ran away when he saw something at the back of the tree laughing at him like a face of a monkey. As he said to us about what he saw, all of us got scared and stopped the game. If you find a face like this please do not hesitate to call 911.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ice Skater Boy

This is my 19th videos on youtube. Taken last September 2008. To subscribe to my youtube account please click this link now. --->>>I want to subcribe <<<---. or add me as your friend. Anyways, I don't have any idea for the soundtrack as my background until I found the lists of my MP3 folders of Avril Lavigne - Skater Boy that fits to my video. Please feel free to make comments about the video I made. Fictitious text comments are highly appreciated as long as it can drive the readers into hilarious and hot breaking discussions.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Youtube Funny Video

I started uploading videos from youtube last November 2006. I have had 18 videos, 69 subscribers and 21 friends. My last upload was two weeks ago, Immortality by Celine Dion and Bee Gees. Pacquiao vs Marquez unfinished business is the most viewed video I made. Guess what! The most controversial funny video was....tidididit-tidit....(thunders are roaring, lizards are clapping their hands and feet, drums are rolling and you...are laughing now) Davao City Scandal (Sabunutan sa Opisina), garnering contentious text comments of ninety-six (96). Hey! This is just a funny video and not a scandal. Anyone would like to laugh on this video has the right to comment. hehehe. Besides, if you found it funny just leave your comments here or there, and if not, who cares!

Note: No pets were harm on this video. The actors and actresses (what I wanted to call them) on this video were made to be funny and voluntarily surrendered their faces to pose candidly. This is purely just for fun and no harmful and disgraceful intention of uploading this video. Any fictitious comments are considered felonious and subject for deletion upon the viewer's requests. (a growly laugh)


Last night on October 24, 2008 I received an email coming from a Toyota Company - Tokyo, Japan. I read the content of the email and it was quite convincing. The email states that I won U$ 500,000.00 plus a car. To claim the prize, you must give all your personal information and to follow the credit card number. Im pretty sure this is another SCAM. I received the same kind of email before about winning a lotto of million dollars. Not now! This bogus email can't give me an overwhelming sensation. I feel numb! I better bet my money of picking random numbers from Philippine power lotto. hehehe

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kaira Turns 6

These were the images of Kaira when she was 4 month old. I dont have a recent pic for her. She is 6 month old now. She is more bigger now compare to these images. Kaira is a pure breed labrador retriever. So friendly and playful.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What is a night crawler?

Night crawler -- a large earthworm found on the surface of the ground at night, often used as bait in fishing. I've heard from a friend of mine calling somebody a night crawler. I don't know who was that person he was referring to. As I've had understand, he is reffering to someone like a nocturnal. To shorten it, a bitch!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Early bird catches the early worm

I woke up late, took a bath and fixed myself for a new beginning. What is that new beginning all about. Well, I don't know either. lolz. I opened the window and took a deep breath on the north face side where I stode up and gasped the fresh air. The starving dog barked at me and asked for food while im ignoring his presence. Again, I made a cup of coffee and sipped it while Im staring at the nimbus clouds and thinking what to do next. I felt the ambiance outside and looks like it will rain soon . I stretched my body by force and yawned until I found out that I need to sleep again. That's all for now. Im so sleepy. Back to my bed and hug my pillows. Opps, Im late for work now! Got to be early next time. Promise!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sweet Donut's Gear

I am reading the blog of Donna and it is somewhat funny because of the content of what she has written. An image of a car which is so nice and cool. It looks like a beetle to me, I found it so cute to ride. As I read the blog, it tells about the life that she has now, the present life of her that I thought it was all about the vehicle. lolz. I made funny comments to her shoutbox that describes about the changing gear. I posted and it goes something about the gear that refers about the life. My messages of her shoutbox said: You have to be in the "Primera (1) to speed-up the life to Segunda (2) and to reach the Tresera (3) inorder to have KWARTA (Money or 4) and once you have KWARTA you need to change it to Quinta (5) but never stay always to Sixta and sometimes go back to Neutral and always lookback to Atras (backward). lolz. Sounds crazy but that is what we call the gear of life. You have to lookback the good and bad things you have made. Always think that you have a goal to reach no matter how many miles you have to leap or drive. The important is your good driving to success. What the fact!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Celine Dion and Bee Gees - Immortality

Youtube is one of my favorite sites when it comes to uploading videos. I learned to cut, trim, and make an amateur vid because of youtube. Six (6) months had passed the last time I uploaded a vid from youtube. This is the newest upload I have made. Celine Dion and Bee Gees Live in Australia. The "Immortality". Alternative rock is my genre but I appreciate an artists like Celine and Bee Gees. I like their song here especially the melody and their blending. On the other hand, The beginning of 2003 brought the unbelievable to us. On January 12, 2003, our beloved Mo passed on after a short illness resulting from a twisted intestine. There aren’t enough words to describe the heartbreak, nor the words to describe what a wonderful, kind, courageous, intelligent, witty, caring, generous, talented, loving man he was. To Sir Maurice, may you Rest In Peace.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Dream Car

I know everyone of us love to have cars especially men. One of my dream cars is Ferrari. Wetiwew! Ferrari is one of the most expensive cars in the world with the daredevil speed of 200+ miles an hour. I was in HK when I took a stolen shot of this amazing car. How I wish I could drive the speed of this car even in my dreams. hehehe

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