Friday, May 15, 2009

Emptiness is freaking me out!

I woke up late this morning and of course again late for work. Work? Nahh! Do I have a work now to make? I guess so. Before I make daily stuffs for myself or roaming around on the four corners of my room, take a nap again for couple of 5 minutes. Think, think and think til such time I met nothing what to do next but to sleep again. hahaha Sounds like I look up to the named "Juan Tamad". Anyway, that is not me coz we are different in terms of name and personality. He is not my idol. Fanatically, I don't admire him. Eww, Let us talk about what I did this summer, Summer? I didn't notice nor experience this summer season that summer has existed. I haven't gone to the beach and surf to a big tidal waves. What I did this summer was wrecking my eyes to the internet. Boring life, I want to end it up by sky diving without a parachute. Social!? (Kris Aquino's term) huhh! How will I do it, nobody would like to support my emptiness. Do you think im pathetic of doing that such thing? are you nuts!? of course not and I will not. Why should I end my life with that 'lil problems in life. All problems have solutions. Just be strong and courageous to face it or else you'll go unknown. hehehe. Time will come and I will get those things 'lil by little. I was beginning to run out of patience! Damn! You live you learn!


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