Thursday, May 21, 2009

Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho Sex Scandal?

Ew, I've had checked my site every now and then, I found 30 people online and climbing up to 50 viewers and still soaring high this morning (Friday, May 22, 09 @ 0727hr) to 800 plus more viewers and readers. Huhh! When it comes to scandal, people would really love to see the excitement and eagerness about the events happened between Katrina and Hayden. I don't know what is in my blog why people so very busy browsing my site. What made them excite with. Ahem! the link I have written on Youtube comments about the full vids of Katrina and Hayden can be seen on my blogsite. Ewwewew! Sorry guys, I can't make a mess here. This site is wholesome. toink! lolz. Anyway, If you wanna see the full vids of Katrina and Hayden, I can drive you there but im afraid I can't give you the link because it was so damned hot and sizzling hotta hot! I'll give you an idea where to find it. It's 43 minutes sex video of Katrina and Hayden on the bed making war adjacent to each other and sometimes doing some animalistic angles. You better GiggleYohoo it now to watch and learn but never do it at home alone. Just joking! Better loosen your belt guys, im sure you can't allow yourself to pee while watching it. Every second is an eye bulging scenes. Poker face bom bom pow!!


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