Monday, December 15, 2008

Google, Yahoo and GiggleYohoo

Google Inc. -- American company specializing in Internet search and advertising, based in Mountain View, California. Google’s name derives from the word googol, the mathematical term for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. The company’s use of the term reflects its business mission to index the seemingly infinite amount of information on the World Wide Web and make it universally accessible. Google has become so popular that its name is often used as a verb; to “google” something means to search for it on the Internet.
Google’s search engine service is free and easy to use, and usually returns relevant results in a fraction of a second. The company’s principal source of revenue is advertising. Google provides advertisers with the opportunity to deliver measurable, cost-effective online advertising relevant to the information displayed on any given Web page.
Google was founded by computer scientists Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who first met in 1995 at Stanford University in California, where they were both studying for doctorates in computer science. Brin and Page were interested in finding a unique approach to retrieving relevant information from a massive set of data. Their first search engine technology was developed in their university dormitory and released in 1996. It was called BackRub, named for its ability to analyze the “back links” pointing to a given Web site. Also known as PageRank, the unique contribution that Page and Brin made to search applications was to rank Web sites on the basis of the number of other Web sites that linked to them as well as the number of links that linked into the linking sites. PageRank was based on the assumption that sites with the greatest number of links were more likely to offer the best and most relevant information for a given search term.
Yahoo! Inc. -- Major global Internet search engine, based in Sunnyvale, California. Launched in 1995, Yahoo! was the first online navigational guide to the World Wide Web. It began as a student hobby and evolved into a global brand, used freely by millions of people. Its principal source of revenue is from advertising. Yahoo! also offers a comprehensive network of online services for Web users, including free e-mail and instant messaging, chat rooms, maps and driving directions, spam filters, and virus scanners.
Yahoo! was created by David Filo and Jerry Yang while both were studying electrical engineering at Stanford University in California. In February 1994 they set up a Web site that listed other Web sites, in order to keep track of their personal interests on the Internet. A broader, public need for a single place to find useful Web sites soon became clear, and word spread from friends to what quickly became a significant and loyal audience within the closely knit Internet community.
The lists Filo and Yang devised soon became too long and unwieldy, and so they introduced categories, and then subcategories, thus creating a customized database that is the basic concept of Yahoo! Filo and Yang also developed software to help them efficiently locate, identify, and edit material stored on the Internet. By the autumn of 1994 Yahoo! was receiving 1 million page views per day.
GiggleYohoo -- a dummy site owned, designed and modified by intel828c, based in Davao City, Philippines but not made in China. The site was activated on December 14, 2008. GiggleYohoo was transformed and derived from the names of two gigantic search engines, Google and Yahoo. The owner has intention neither to ruin the two gigantic sites nor to compete with. Hahaha. Honestly, the owner loves the two gigantic search engines. The owner is a simple true filipino, a part time blogger and a full time jobless engineer. GiggleYohoo is a site where fun and excitement get connected. Let us laugh and shout with GiggleYohoo.


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