Monday, July 24, 2023

Installing Wireless Access Point

I found an old router sitting at my cupboard for ages. I was bored so I decided to use it and try to connect as my additional home network or wireless access point. Although our home is not that big and I know one router can accomodate the entire home but I am eagerly to proceed to do it. 

I made 3 wired network ports. One at the kitchen, lounge room and receiving area.  My old router is place at the lounge room. I just plugged and played straightaway without any issue. It is the the job of the DHCP to fine an IP address to connect automatically for the rest of the devices.

But when I tried to connect my laptop on LAN on each of the LAN port that I made, it won't work. I tried to PING and IFCONFIG, the host is unreachable. I have tried to disconnect the second router, ping my LAN port where my laptop is connected then it magically connected. 

So I just realised that the second router will have a conflict with the LAN devices if connected because the DHCP will automatically find the available IP address. 

Now, I will try to connect and set my second router with a static IP address including the 3 LAN ports that I made. 

To be continued...


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