Friday, January 8, 2021

Kali Linux Installation

I am glad that I have installed Kali Linux operating system with no issue at all. Before I install Kali I read some blog on how to install it. They've said that there are some issue that you will encounter during the installation. Yes, I have encountered issues but they are manageable. With my patience and eagerness to learn, issues won't be a problem. 

The steps to install Kali, first you must have a thumb drive about 8 Gb in capacity. Then download Rufus and Kali linux. Save it in to your machine. Unzipped Kali image file then run the executable file of your Rufus. Make sure to set your BIOS and enable the external device on your BIOS for your thumb drive to detect during boot up. Set to primary the external drive on your BIOS then click F10 to save. Reboot the system then choose Kali Linux to install. Just follow and read the instruction from the display. You will not lose unless you are reading it carefully from your monitor. During installation you will engage in conflict with the missing network driver for your machine (mine is Sony Vaio). Mr Google is there to help and assist you. Google it and you will find the answer. In less than an hour depending in your system, Kali will be up and running. Then, there you go. Its time to explore, play with and penetrate the system. If there are any questions please feel free to ping me and I am happy to assist you with the best of my knowledge. Goodluck. 


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