Sunday, August 23, 2020

I am A+ Certified

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association)
On March 2020, we went to the Philippines to visit our family. We were stuck there for almost 3 months. We can't go back to Australia because all ports of exit were closed. There were travel banned the whole region. We were trapped and house arrested. Due to pandemic the whole world suffered from Covid-19 with so much devastation that cause millions of lives restless.  Without further ado, I signed up to Cisco Networking Academy. I read, learnt and finished short four courses in NDG Linux Essentials, Introduction to Cybersecurity, Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) and Packet Tracer. Also, I am almost halfway on my study in CCNA which is quite challenging. CCNA is awesome to learn about computer networking and security. I learnt the basic routing and switching configuration, TCP/IP, VLSM and subnetting. Furthermore, the previous months I decided to study CompTIA A+ because I lost my job. Also, I want to change career path. Back to my early years, I was an IT support and computer technician in the Philippines for 5 years. I wasn't able to continue my career in IT because as a student visa in Australia, I am not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week. Luckily, after a long years of patience, we are now citizens in Australia and can work full time without restriction. Anyway, the only way to refresh and update my skills is to study and take an examination in CompTIA. Fortunately, I passed the exam. To verify my certification, you can click VERIFIED.


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