Monday, October 7, 2019


Bulldle  is a beautiful crossbred dog who had the pleading face of a bulldog and the body of a poodle. A science fiction crossbred dog made up thru digital enhancement imaging. (I am not sure if this kind of breed exists.) The story behind the bulldle when my co-worker Jaime and I talked and made fun about the crossbreeding of dogs. Jaime loves dog and he said if I have seen a breed of Cavoodle. Perhaps, I have seen it but not knowing of  the name of it. Until one day, Jaime and I thought of or created something not real like the breed of  dalmatian x chihuahua or dalmhuahua.  Greyhound x chihuahua or greyhuahua and ended to naming the breed of Bulldle. I said will make one image for you and here it is. (Just for fun only, no animals were hurt in making of this image.) 😆

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