Monday, June 27, 2011

Acer Intel® HD Graphics 3000

Intel® HD GraphicsΔ enables superior mainstream gaming and 3D experiences – without the need for a discrete graphics card. Now, you can enjoy immersiveΦ gaming on titles that are optimized for Intel HD Graphics, such as Star Trek Online*. Intel HD Graphics delivers up to 3X performance over previous-generation Intel HD GraphicsΦπΛ – with additional headroom for tomorrow’s games. Plus, it integrates advanced 3D processing for stunning visual experiences that put you right into the middle of the action.
Intel HD Graphics 3000 delivers immersive and casual mainstream gaming capabilities with entry-level discrete graphics card performance without an additional graphics card or chip.
I am planning to buy an Acer timelineX with Intel® HD Graphics 3000. An Acer timelineX comes with their new models the 3830 (13.3 inch), 4830 (14.0 inch) and the 5830 (15.6 inch). I am not sure if all have Intel HD Graphics 3000. The 4830 suits for me since I am a graphic lover. Editing, gaming and movie making are my hobbies. I hope it will not disappoint me. The other brand I used is a waste when it comes of photo editing and even browsing two sites it froze and takes time to finish. No other brand like Acer. Make believe Acer is great.


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