Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Marielle Sorino of PBB is my Cousin?

Mariel grew up in Davao. Her parents separated when she was four, and her mother got married again to a Fil-Chinese businessman. Mariel’s mother founded an orphanage which she is now managing.
When she was young, Mariel was a very wild girl. She fell in love with a man, and she later got pregnant. At first she didn’t want the child. It was only months after when she finally embraced motherhood. Mariel used her child as her impersonation to lead a better life.
Ahhmm, I met this girl once, twice whatever. She lives one block away from our compound. Time went by, I haven't seen her anymore, a decade now the last time I saw her. Her late grandma named Carmen who owns a business somewhere in Davao and my late grandma who died this month were biological sisters. To make it short, Her great grandma Carmen and my grandma Sergia was our grandma. hehehe Thus, We are cousin in second degree. Go Go Go!


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