Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jamo made love to Cuddles

A controversial sex scandal of Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili was the most shattered sex scandal of the year. People worldwide hammered into their minds the unforgettable controversy in the showbiz industry. But wheww! What about this new sex scandal of Jamo and Cuddles. Does anyone know about it? Does anyone care about their feelings and emotions? What the fact! Who are they anyway to talk about. Well, for sure nobody knows and cares about who they are and where they come from! Who are they anyway? Jamo a heavyweight "hhmmpp" not to mention found not guilty beyond unreasonable doubt of making love to Cuddles a small "hhmmpp" with a big heart. Cuddles found her mate that day and agreed both parties to make love infront of the spectators. Tararat-tarat, What's on your mind? clean it before you judge them. Jamo a pure breed rottweiler with a perfect stand and weight made love to Cuddles a native mix rottweiler on that day. The owner of the dog paid five thousand pesos (P 5,000) to the breeder for a bargain of spermatozoa. Whoa! what an expensive semen of Jamo. We tried to cut and lower the price but the idea was rejected in exchange of what we need - a semen tagged a right price for them at the right time.If Cuddles will get "bom bom pow" pregnant her puppies are for sale for P5,000.00 pesos negotiable. Hurry! message here now for reservation. Please leave your message and contact number for reservation of rottweiler puppies.


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