Friday, March 13, 2009

Who is Sherry Fraser?

Sherry Fraser is a title of a song inspired by John Wozniak, a lead singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer of the band called Marcy Playground. I was a little bit confused who really Sherry Fraser is, I Google it and found that some would say that she was just like an ice cream, addictive drug, band member, etc. Only John a songwriter could explain who really Sherry Fraser is. lol! Anyway, I love to listen to this song. It reminds me of many things about life, experiences, and bittersweet memories because of the enchanting and pleasing melody.

"Sherry Fraser"
Oo I saw stars falling all
Around her head
Red, gold, and blue
Sherry Fraser where are you
'Cause I saw stars falling
All around your head
When we were young

Sherry Fraser where have you gone
We're all wondering
When will you come back
And play...some day.
Sherry yeah
The mad hatter he waits for Alice
To come to tea again
He waits forever for his old lover
And always wonderin'
Will I see stars falling all around your head
When you return

Sherry Fraser what have you learned
And we're all wondering
When will you come back
And play...some day
And please do come back
And play...some day
Please do come back
And play...some day
Sherry yeah


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