Friday, January 23, 2009

Intel Closing Plant in Cavite

AFTER months of keeping under wraps the inevitable, Intel Corp. has finally announced it will close its Philippine plant—with its 1,800 employees expected to be formally notified within two weeks that they will lose their jobs. The plant in Cavite is expected to be fully shuttered by April, sources said.
When I worked as a sales/technical support, Intel processor from socket 478 to 775 was the most saleable processor ever. Sad to hear that Intel Corp. will be closed by April this year. I had chatted a filipina blogger before informed me that Intel Corp. in Cavite will be closed and it will be transferred somewhere in Malaysia. She buzzed me with her message if I am connected to Intel Corp. because of my blog name as "intel828c". Actually, intel82c was derived from my favorite Intel chipset and my birthday 828. Nahh! it's only my blog name get connected and not my profession. hehehe Then, she said to me that her husband is presently working at Intel Corp. in Sta. Clara, California as IT Specialist. Awesome job! Both of them with their family are living in Arizona, USA.


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